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Medical expenses
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Death benefits

Has your workers’ compensation claim been denied?

Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation law is a no-fault system that requires most employers to cover all medical expenses and and some lost wages, regardless of who caused the work-related accident. In exchange, the injured employee may not sue the employer for negligence. The problem for many injured workers is that employers and their insurance companies fight hard to deny benefits promised under the law.  That’s where we come in–at Colarusso and Cohen, we have decades of experience in fighting with insurance companies to win workers’ compensation benefits for our clients.  Call us today for a free case evaluation and consultation.

Did you lose or are you losing your workers’ compensation benefits?

Did you receive a petition to modify, suspend, or terminate your worker’s compensation benefits? You must respond quickly to keep your benefits. Employers and their insurance companies stop paying benefits if you have failed to comply with certain legal requirements, or if they believe you are capable of returning to work. If your benefits have stopped, or are being stopped, and you are still unable to work, you should seek the help of an attorney.  Call Colarusso and Cohen today for a free consultation and case evaluation with experienced workers’ compensation lawyers.

Are you interested in a lump sum settlement?

In some cases, settling a worker’s compensation claim may help you receive the money you need to move on with your life. In other cases, settling your claim for a single payment now is a risky, bad idea. Call Colarusso and Cohen today to find out if a lump sum payment is the best option for you.  We offer free consultations and case evaluations.