About Colarusso & Cohen

At Colarusso & Cohen, we have a wealth of experience and expertise from decades of representing injured people. With thorough understanding of not just the law, but also of the perspectives and motivations of all parties involved in personal injury litigation and personal attention devoted to each case, we work tirelessly to help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

Founded on personal service

After working together for close to a decade, we decided that we could be most effective in representing our clients by forming a small, boutique firm that concentrates exclusively on injury cases. We founded Colarusso & Cohen in 2007 with the idea that if we limited the number and types of cases we accepted, we could provide a more rewarding service for our clients and for us. We are free to spend as much time and money as necessary to leave no stone unturned so that our clients get the maximum recovery the law allows. We are civil trial lawyers dedicated to helping people injured by careless drivers, dangerous products, negligent doctors and hospitals, and in a variety of other ways. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Commitment to our clients

We are dedicated to our clients, and for us it is personal. We have been to their houses, met their families, and obtained a real understanding of the impact that their injuries have had on their lives. We represent them and advise them in an intimate way that is not possible in most law firms. We get tremendous satisfaction helping people to get some measure of justice so that they can put their injuries behind them and get on with a happy, productive life. We can’t take away their pain and trauma, but we can try to get them the money that they deserve to help improve their situation.

The experience and resources to help you

Every case we take is a puzzle. Why did a car cross the center line? Why did a patient in a hospital suddenly die? What caused an electrical explosion? We have a combined 55 years of experience, so it is likely that we have seen virtually every scenario and encountered every problem and know where to look to help solve the puzzle. We have the resources to hire the top experts in the country to help us prove our cases in court. We are tough, experienced, and compassionate trial lawyers, and we are ready to help you.

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