Were you injured because a product was not manufactured correctly?

Manufacturing defects occur in the factory, causing this particular instance of the product to be dangerously different from others. These errors are not indicative of a problem with the product itself, but of a flaw introduced during fabrication. The defect could originate from the final assembly site or from one of the possibly numerous facilities that manufactured the components utilized in the final product.

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Was your injury the result of defective design?

Design engineers are taught to identify hazards associated with the use of a product and then design the product so that the hazard is eliminated; if it can’t be eliminated, guard against the hazard to minimize it; if the hazard cannot be eliminated or guarded against, as a last resort give adequate warnings and instructions to minimize the hazard. When an entire line of products is unreasonably dangerous, it is usually the design that is the root cause.

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Have you been injured because you did not have adequate instructions or warnings of danger?

Some products are dangerous in ways that cannot be designed away. When those products do not include adequate warning of the risks and/or instructions for use and you are injured as a result, you may have a valid failure-to-warn claim. Sellers of products must provide adequate warnings and instructions to minimize hazards associated with the use of their products.

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