Were you injured by a person who was over-served at a bar?

Businesses that have been granted the privilege to sell alcohol and profit from its sale have a corresponding duty to their patrons and the general public to serve alcohol responsibly. Did you know that a bar or other alcohol-serving establishment has the duty to refuse service to anyone who is visibly intoxicated? If you were injured by an intoxicated person who was served alcohol after demonstrating drunken behavior, you may be entitled to compensation from the irresponsible establishment. Contact our Pittsburgh Liquor Liability lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our Pittsburgh, PA Liquor Liability Claims Attorney can be contacted at (844) 334-6654.

Were you injured as the result of a bar over-serving you?

Under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop law, if you were visibly intoxicated and an employee or agent of the establishment continued to serve you and you were injured as a result of visible intoxication, you may be able to seek compensation for damages incurred. It would be wise to contact a Liquor Liability Claims Lawyer in Western Pennsylvania to discuss your case. We offer Free Case Evaluation to our clients.