We help you through every phase of the social security claim process:
Administrative Hearing

Are you unable to work due to a disability?

Social Security denies the majority of applications. That’s why it’s important to speak to an attorney as soon as you decide to file your claim. An experienced social security lawyer can help you make sure your application is completed quickly and accurately, and that it includes all the pertinent details of your disability. By presenting your case in the manner that is most favorable to you, an attorney can improve your chances of winning your benefits. At Colarusso and Cohen, we have helped disabled individuals obtain the benefits to which they are entitled for decades. Call today for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.

Was your initial claim denied?

Start preparing for the next steps; you only have 60 days to appeal! The appeal takes place in a hearing format in which your attorney and you will work together to present your case to the judge. We can help you obtain and submit additional evidence that documents your condition to increase your chances of success. Call Colarusso and Cohen today for assistance in presenting your case.

Has your first appeal been denied?

Did your administrative hearing judge fail to follow Social Security rules and regulations? Appeals court offers an opportunity to prove your claim and that you did not receive a fair hearing. Further appeals include federal courts. Call us today at (844) 334-6654 to speak with our Western Pennsylvania Social Security Claims Lawyer. We offer Free Case Evaluation to clients and we make sure that you get the best representation from our Pittsburgh, PA Social Security Claims Attorney.